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Protected: Week 9 Results – 5/23/2013

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Protected: Week 8 Results – 5/16/2013

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Featured Website: Brittany, Herself

This post is mostly for the ladies, because the featured website is mostly for women…. However, the basic thoughts/feelings behind it can apply to anyone and if you’re wanting insight into the way (some) women think, here’s a window.

Personally, I love this blog. It’s humorous and Brittany has become a sort of champion of self acceptance and accepting others, imperfections and all.

A few disclaimers:

  • It’s not for everyone. She’s crude at times (okay, most of the time) and goes pretty far into TMI Land, so if you’re squeamish or if you want to keep the illusion that women are dainty flowers, you might want to pass on this.
  • You could potentially be offended by her language or by her views on life. So…. if you’re easily offended, you should skip this.
  • It’s not really a health blog…. Actually, it’s not even close.

Why you *might* like it:

  • She’s real. She struggles with self esteem, she struggles with her weight, she struggles with loving herself…. but she’s trying.
  • She’s a big promoter of loving yourself as you are. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t strive to be as healthy as possible, but on days when I’m feeling really low and hating myself, sometimes THIS helps a little.
  • When I’m feeling stuck in a rut, posts like THIS inspire me and make me want to find ways to inspire others.
  • And THIS. This woman is so brave!

So, if you’ve read through my disclaimers and you STILL want to check it out, visit Brittany, Herself (formerly Barefoot Foodie). This is definitely a little different (or a lot) from the typical websites I feature on here, but I think working on your mental health/happiness is a pretty big component of overall wellness. Don’t read this to find tips on fitness or diet, but read it to remind yourself that you don’t have to wait until you’re at your goal weight to like yourself. You can (and should) like yourself waaaayyyy before that point. Stop beating yourself up and be NICE to yourself. You deserve it.

P.S. Keep in mind, this is NOT a work-associated blog. This is my own personal blog, so….. yeah. I’ll stop there. 🙂

Your Request: BOOZE! (Specifically, Lightened-Up Mojitos!)

You requested it, and I aim to please…. Did you know a typical mojito is somewhere between 150-250 calories? It can really range, although I’m guessing many go a little higher, depending on how sweet you like them. I lightened it up a bit and have gotten it down to 89 calories. You can’t go completely crazy with them, but you can have one (or two) without feeling the least bit guilty. 🙂



Start with some rum, fresh mint, a lime, frozen lemonade concentrate, and…. something I recently came across at the store — MetroMint water. It is fantastic!!! When drinks have a lot of ingredients, I generally take that to mean they’re probably not very healthy. Vitamin Water is hyped up as a healthy drink, but have you seen the ingredient list? MetroMint has purified water and mint essence. That’s all. SOLD! (P.S. They also have a chocolate mint water. It might sound a little weird, but it tastes like a drink version of Andes Mints. I’m in love.)

IMG_0803Mix all of your ingredients and you get this… It might not be beautiful, but it’s a tasty and healthier version of one of my favorites!

Lightened Up Mojitos


  • 2 T fresh mint
  • 1 generously-sized lime wedges
  • 1 oz rum
  • 1/2 tablespoon frozen lemonade concentrate
  • 12 oz MetroMint water


  1. Muddle your mint in your glass. This is much easier if you have a mortar and pestle or whatever they’re called…. My version is a big spoon in a pretty sturdy glass. 
  2. Squeeze as much of the lime juice out as you can. Really get your fingers in there and squish it around.
  3. Stir in an ounce of rum. I smoosh the mint around a bit more during this part.
  4. Stir in half a tablespoon of lemonade concentrate. You can add more if you like your drinks sweeter, but keep in mind that each 1/2 tablespoon equals about 18 calories. It sounds small, but it’s pretty easy to get up to the 150 calorie mark if you’re not careful.
  5. Pour in 12 oz of mint water and mix well.
  6. Add some ice.
  7. Kick back and enjoy!

Here’s where I should insert a photo of myself totally boozing it up just for you. For your sake. For your health (ha!). Because I make sacrifices like drinking mojitos on a Monday night just for you. Because I care.



Protected: Week 7 Results – 5/9/2013

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Sorry I’ve Been a Slacker

Sorry I’ve been a slacker lately…. Sometimes life gets insanely busy. Sometimes insomnia hits like a jack hammer and makes me go to work after only getting an hour of sleep. Sometimes I’m just lazy. BUT, I do have plans for next week’s blog entries. I’m pretty sure we’re going to have a very low-cal mojito recipe, links to a self esteem-boosting, empowering blog, and my updated, super awesome green smoothie recipe. If I get really ambitious, maybe a recap of my recent juice fast.

Anyway, keep on truckin’, peeps. We’ll get there!