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Website: Marcus Samuelsson

This week’s website is Marcus Samuelsson’s page featuring healthy recipes like a Fettucine Tangle with Spring Asparagus Puree. These recipes are healthy and INTERESTING. No boring repeats here!

A few to try:

Marcus’s birth father is Ethiopian, he grew up in Sweden, and now lives in New York. He celebrates diversity and all the variety that comes from different cultures. This is reflected in the recipe choices on his website…. Check it out and enjoy! 🙂

Your Pick: Mexican!!!

You like Mexican food. For real. Well, unless you were lying on the sign-up sheets for some reason. Who knows? Maybe that’s how you get your kicks. That’s okay. I understand. Whatever it takes to make you happy. But I’m going to post a lightened up Mexican recipe anyway.

Today’s recipe comes from Laaloosh. You’ll have to go there for the full recipe because I don’t want to post it and get the online community super angry at me. Anyway, for a 5 Weight Watchers point recipe, this is pretty tasty!

Baked Taquitos


Here the main players in this tasty dish. You’re supposed to use light sour cream, but I had a bunch of the regular stuff sitting around… and so… well….. pretend it says light.


I got your stuffin’ right here! (This is what goes inside the taquitos.)


All rolled up and ready to be smothered with a creamy, delicious sauce.


Ready to pop into the oven for 20-25 minutes. I did 20 and then broiled it on low for about 3. I am not sure about the rules regarding glass dishes and broilers… so I was a little cautious.


The finished product. Mmmm…. toasted cheese….



Plated up and ready to go. It has green onions and cilantro sprinkled on top. My husband commented, “So, didn’t feel like chopping any of it?” The cilantro IS cut up… just not much. 🙂 By the way, my husband LOVED this dish. Also, it was really very filling. The serving size says 1 taquito. If you’re looking at one tortilla filled with a bit of the chicken mixture, you might not think it’ll be very filling, but it IS. Trust me. Well worth 5 points!

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Exercise: Get Tank Top Ready!

Okay, well, even if you don’t choose to wear tank tops, anyone can appreciate a toned upper body!

WebMD promises*** to make you look like this:


It’s simple. All you have to do is follow the steps listed on their article HERE.

What you’ll find inside:

  • Shoulder shapers
  • Arm and back toners
  • Tips for burning fat

*** Okay, I lied. They totally DIDN’T promise that. Or anything, really. I’m sure there are disclaimers all over the site. However, there are some good exercises listed… 

My Choice: Veggie Spiralizer & Chef Salad Night (re-post)

Howdy! This is a re-post from back in 2011, but it’s one of my favorites….

So, I’ve told some of you about my love of my veggie spiralizer. I need to get it out more often. It is WONDERFUL. I have a cheapie one that is really only good for zucchini. Apparently, this one is much better and only slightly more expensive, but it doesn’t seem right to buy another one until the first one wears out. So, I will have to wait before I can try spiralizing radishes, carrots, etc.

Anyway, so on to the fun. Every Wednesday night, we have Chef Salad Night at our house. The kids love it because they get to choose what they eat. Everyone starts out with a bowl of salad. I put small bowls in the middle of the table with a variety of toppings. I try to keep mine on the low-fat, low-calorie side, but let my skinny kids splurge a bit more with bacon bits, diced ham, and cheese. They love Chef Salad Night and they’re actually disappointed on Wednesdays when we don’t have it!

Here’s a photo showing spiralized zucchini as part of Chef Salad Night (also orange grape tomatoes, julienned carrots, red grape tomatoes, julienned yellow peppers, diced cucumber, sauteed mushroom):

I added low-fat cottage cheese and light balsamic vinaigrette (and a little bit of rotisserie chicken) to mine:

The leftover zucchini worked well for stir fry the next night! (I added a little bit of diced onion.)

Website: Whole Living

There are about a bajillion fantastic websites out there for healthy ideas. This week’s site is Whole Living. I came across THIS link and I want to make every single one of these ideas.

This site has ideas for natural remediestips for yoga beginners, tips for making your home more green, tips for healthy skin, suggestions for living your life to the fullest, and so much more (insert Billy Mays voice here)!!!

Whole Living