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Exercise: Get Tank Top Ready!

Okay, well, even if you don’t choose to wear tank tops, anyone can appreciate a toned upper body!

WebMD promises*** to make you look like this:


It’s simple. All you have to do is follow the steps listed on their article HERE.

What you’ll find inside:

  • Shoulder shapers
  • Arm and back toners
  • Tips for burning fat

*** Okay, I lied. They totally DIDN’T promise that. Or anything, really. I’m sure there are disclaimers all over the site. However, there are some good exercises listed… 

Exercise is HILARIOUS!!!

Some days when you’re super busy during the day and then come home to make a super hasty dinner for the kids (a slice of bread and a mini Hershey’s bar is totally appropriate, right? Just kidding. Mostly.), pack a bedtime bag for Nana’s house, rush to NOT look like you’ve just worked all day and more like you’re totally carefree and not too old for hipster concerts, and then actually go out ON A WEEKNIGHT (gasp!), and get back really, really late and then stay up even later because you’re all hyped up from concert adrenaline and dreams… Well, it turns out that you’re likely to forget a blog post on those days. So super long story short, sorry for missing a post yesterday!

To make up for it, I have a really funny (but also helpful) article on how to fit exercise in at work. Some of these (like “The Twinkle Toe”) are pretty easy to do at work and some might not quite be feasible in our work place (“Pinstripe Pushup”). I really, really want to see someone do the “Celebratory Split Squat Jumps.”

While the overall tone of this article is silly and humorous, it actually does have some things that could benefit you while toiling away in your cubicle. You should check it out for some inspiration, or at the very least, a good chuckle (who uses the word “chuckle”???).

Tips to Get You Moving!

Do you love exercise? Oh… well, um, good for you. I wish I did, too. I envy the people who love nothing more than hitting the gym and getting all sweaty and sticky. But I don’t. Spark People has posted an article that’s not as much an article as it is a compilation of tips from people who use the website. That being said, there are some pretty good ideas on there, like making a set playlist for your workouts so you know what you’re doing for each song and how long your workout is going to last. Or getting your exercise in without doing conventional exercise activities. Thinking outside of the box. 🙂

I think my favorite is the last entry, which is by someone who couldn’t run at all and didn’t start until she was 44. Now she’s running 5Ks. That’s impressive! So, if you aren’t where you’d like to be fitness-wise, there’s hope. You CAN get there. Just read this article for a gentle nudge in the right direction.

Can’t find time to exercise because you’re glued to the TV? Here’s help!

It’s cold out. You work a long day. You’re exhausted. You just want to chill out and watch some TV. Maybe your March Madness bracket is doing really well (if so, really??? HOW???). Maybe you’re addicted to the dry humor of Sherlock in Elementary. Maybe you’re winding down while watching Big Bang Theory. Maybe, just maybe, you’re being a couch potato while watching the Biggest Loser (gasp!). Ha ha.

Well, Fit Watch has some tips for you to make your TV time more productive. Click HERE for the full article.

Fit Watch gives tips like fidgeting (have you noticed that most fidgeters are rather lean?) but also gives several suggestions for ways to challenge yourself during commercial breaks (a 2-minute commercial break suddenly seems very long when you have to do pushups the whole time!).

By the way, I have done the walking in place while watching TV. I’ve walked around my (rather small) bedroom while reading on the Kindle. It looks pretty silly, but who cares? You know what DOESN’T look silly? Being healthy and fit!***

**Disclaimer** Okay, so I have done it before. The real challenge is doing it on a regular basis!

What to Eat Before You Hit the Gym/Treadmill/Pavement

So… We hit Week 1. How’d it go? Did you lose what you wanted? If not, don’t fret. We still have ELEVEN more weeks to go!

In addition to making some modifications to your diet, you’ll probably also have to exercise to get to where you want to be. To get the most out of your workout, you need to be properly fueled up.

U.S. News has some tips for you. You should click HERE for the full story about what you SHOULD eat and HERE for the full story on what you should NOT eat.

In a nutshell, you should avoid greasy and heavy foods and instead aim for foods with protein and complex carbohydrates. Some of it’s obvious, like avoiding French fries (duh), but I would have thought a protein bar would be a good pre-workout choice. So…. you might just hop on over HERE to read up.

 OR ?


The Burpee…. ? Want to be mansome? Or ladysome? Ha…

Admittedly, I am not the most up-to-date about the exercise world. Okay, fine, I admit it. I know nothing about it and I’m really horrible about it. I stumbled across a video mainly because of the funny words popping out at me. Words like “burpee” and “mansome.” I mean, I think I’m going to start calling people mansome. “Wow, you’re looking quite mansome today!” But I suppose that’s only meant for men. So, for the ladies, do we use “ladysome”? Or “womansome”? I don’t know.

Anyway, here’s a move that is supposed to work your entire body. You don’t need any equipment. You don’t need anything but space. And you can do it INSIDE. In the AIR CONDITIONING. In the PRIVACY of your bedroom. Sweet. Remember, no excuses, people!

It says it’s the “best exercise for guys,” but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work for the ladies, too. I’m going to try these, although MY version is going to be MUCH slower and will probably be very awkward-looking. 🙂

P.S. In reading the comments on this, apparently this is nothing new (really, what is anymore???) and are also known by the less-silly name of “squat-thrusts.” But which sounds more fun? Squat thrusts or burpees? I would choose burpees…. If I’m going to exercise, it might as well make me laugh!