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*Reminder* Don’t forget to report your weight!

I am going to be out of the office 9/22-9/30, returning on Monday, 10/3. While I’m out, please continue to report your weigh in results each Thursday. I will tally the results and post them as soon as possible once I’m back in the office (most likely Monday night, 10/3).


You can report in the following ways while I’m out:


1.) Email me your weight each Thursday


2.) Leave a post-it with your initials and weight in the designated envelope on my desk (I’ll have one for each week)


Also, we are approaching our halfway mark. Are you where you want to be? Here’s a little incentive:


Halfway Contest!


The top THREE losers for Week 6 will win a free lunch from the Cafe! (Thanks, Office Services!!!)


So, what are you waiting for? Shake a leg! 🙂