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Italian Egg Drop Soup

Eating Well really has some good recipes. This one… It was okay. I liked it. My kids didn’t really. My husband ate it but didn’t take seconds or anything… So I’d probably only give it a 3 out of 5. I should probably note that I didn’t follow the recipe completely. I didn’t have freshly shaved parmesan cheese. I thought lemon sounded weird in it. I accidentally bought fresh ginger instead of fresh nutmeg… (I didn’t add the ginger and just used some ground nutmeg). So, it is probably a lot better when you try the real recipe here.

Anyway, I started with 1 and 1/3 cup of noodles.

I added water, chicken broth, green onion, nutmeg, and a can of chickpeas.

You let that boil for a few minutes. Then, you stir in four eggs (lightly whisked). Keep stirring the whole time so the eggs don’t get stuck in clumps.

And then you add spinach (yay!). Actually, you’re supposed to add arugula, but my husband isn’t a fan, and I was already kind of pushing the limits of what he and the kids would be willing to eat, so I went with spinach. You can never go wrong with spinach. Remember that and you’ll go far.

Finished product. Kind of tasty. I added some sesame oil and grated some pepper over it. We ate it with thinly-sliced ciabatta bread (baked with drizzled olive oil and sea salt). Ciabatta bread helps with everything, too (except my scale).