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Have you tried kefir?

I first read about kefir a couple of years ago on a blog called Passionate Homemaking. I didn’t find the exact post I’d read, but here’s an article she posted with some info on kefir. The truly funny thing is that her current blog posting is about green smoothies. Ha ha. Funny. How random!

So, anyway, this post is about smoothies, of course. I’m pretty addicted. I look forward to one each morning, and I have to admit I’m a little sad when I don’t have one. I recently decided to “splurge” with a breakfast sandwich and was sadly disappointed. It didn’t taste as good as I an anticipated, and I just felt kind of “blah” afterwards. Smoothies are way better.

So moving on… I started with frozen blueberries and pineapple.

Added the mandatory bananas.

Here’s the kefir. I really only added maybe 3/4 of a cup… Maybe 1/2 a cup? It’s super thick so it didn’t spread between the berries as much, so it looks like there’s a lot more in there.

I mixed it up and then added some kale (trying to branch out from spinach).

And the chia seeds (I think I’m seriously addicted)…

Verdict? Well, kale just doesn’t blend up as much as spinach. Spinach has a sweet, smoothness about it and kale is curly and slightly bitter. I have to say I definitely prefer spinach in my smoothies.