Exercise is HILARIOUS!!!

Some days when you’re super busy during the day and then come home to make a super hasty dinner for the kids (a slice of bread and a mini Hershey’s bar is totally appropriate, right? Just kidding. Mostly.), pack a bedtime bag for Nana’s house, rush to NOT look like you’ve just worked all day and more like you’re totally carefree and not too old for hipster concerts, and then actually go out ON A WEEKNIGHT (gasp!), and get back really, really late and then stay up even later because you’re all hyped up from concert adrenaline and dreams… Well, it turns out that you’re likely to forget a blog post on those days. So super long story short, sorry for missing a post yesterday!

To make up for it, I have a really funny (but also helpful) article on how to fit exercise in at work. Some of these (like “The Twinkle Toe”) are pretty easy to do at work and some might not quite be feasible in our work place (“Pinstripe Pushup”). I really, really want to see someone do the “Celebratory Split Squat Jumps.”

While the overall tone of this article is silly and humorous, it actually does have some things that could benefit you while toiling away in your cubicle. You should check it out for some inspiration, or at the very least, a good chuckle (who uses the word “chuckle”???).


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