Your Pick: Mini Banana Oat Goodness

Well, no one specifically requested mini banana oat muffins, BUT, several of you did say you like sweets. So, here’s a baked good that will not break the calorie bank!

I found this recipe at Eighty Twenty. The bananas and oats give you some nutrition, the raw sugar isn’t *quite* as bad for you as regular old white sugar. The dark chocolate chips add that extra deliciousness and hey, dark chocolate has antioxidants, right?

For this batch of goodness, you’re going to need to bust out your mini muffin tins!

Raw Sugar

Start with some lovely raw sugar. It’s kinda trendy right now, so you can find it in most grocery stores.

Banana egg sugar

Bananas, sugar, egg, olive oil.

Dry ingredients

Flour, whole wheat flour, oats, baking powder….

Mix it all up, add some milk, stir in the dark chocolate chips….

baked muffins

And you get these delightful bites after a few minutes in the oven.


Maybe after baking the first tray, you start to wonder what cocoa powder would do for this recipe… Sigh. Delicious. And really very little impact to the calorie count.



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