Website: Workout Mommy (Not Just for Moms!)

I have to admit that our my quest to become healthier, I mostly focus on food and diet, which is pretty wrong. I mean, any schmuck knows you need to balance diet AND exercise, right? Well, apparently I am dumber than a schmuck. 🙂

Anyway, so while I have pages and pages of healthy cooking websites bookmarked, I don’t have any exercise websites flagged. Seriously? So tonight started my search.

My first one for you is Workout Mommy, but you shouldn’t be fooled by the name. The majority of this can apply to men, women, single folk, and certainly people who aren’t moms… This blogger, Lisa, is a certified trainer and her website has all sorts of goodness for you:

P.S. You should go to her page just to see her blog header photo. It’s super cute!


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