Can’t find time to exercise because you’re glued to the TV? Here’s help!

It’s cold out. You work a long day. You’re exhausted. You just want to chill out and watch some TV. Maybe your March Madness bracket is doing really well (if so, really??? HOW???). Maybe you’re addicted to the dry humor of Sherlock in Elementary. Maybe you’re winding down while watching Big Bang Theory. Maybe, just maybe, you’re being a couch potato while watching the Biggest Loser (gasp!). Ha ha.

Well, Fit Watch has some tips for you to make your TV time more productive. Click HERE for the full article.

Fit Watch gives tips like fidgeting (have you noticed that most fidgeters are rather lean?) but also gives several suggestions for ways to challenge yourself during commercial breaks (a 2-minute commercial break suddenly seems very long when you have to do pushups the whole time!).

By the way, I have done the walking in place while watching TV. I’ve walked around my (rather small) bedroom while reading on the Kindle. It looks pretty silly, but who cares? You know what DOESN’T look silly? Being healthy and fit!***

**Disclaimer** Okay, so I have done it before. The real challenge is doing it on a regular basis!


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