My Pick: Lentils and Spinach

Lentils are delicious. If you haven’t experienced lentils, then you need to fix that. Immediately. They’re easy and difficult to mess up, which I greatly appreciate.

For this dish, start with some diced carrot and onion.


Then rinse some lentils and throw them in. I just used the whole bag. Because I’m like that. Lazy.


Stir it all together in the pan for a while.I believe simmering gently is the traditional cooking method for lentils, but I was just curious to see how frying it would work. (Calm down, not deep frying or anything. I had used a TINY bit of oil for the onions and carrots, so there was still enough moisture to “fry” the lentils. Sheesh.)


Mix it all up. Take a few green onions and chop them up.



Mix them in with the onions, carrots, and lentils. Season it as you like. I added garlic powder, salt, and pepper.

Then work a bag of spinach in. Spinach wilts like crazy so it might initially seem like way too much, but it will fit. Trust me.



Getting there…




And ta-dah!!!! It’s truly delicious!



If you love sesame… well, first off, we could probably be best friends, because I love sesame and food preferences are probably the number one factor in friend compatibility. Or not. Actually, I’m guessing that’s not true at all.

But, if you love sesame, you should try this. I drizzled sesame oil over mine and added toasted sesame seeds. It was SO INCREDIBLY FANTASTIC.



I am having trouble finding accurate nutritional info for lentils (the ranges are all over the place!). Just know that this is a low-fat, high protein, and pretty darn good for you meal.













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