Hey, I emailed everyone at work and emailed the personal addresses I have, but if you need the password for this round of the blog, please let me know! I should have gotten it to you sooner, so  I apologize for that!

— Kate


5 responses to “Password


    I thought I sent my personal email but did Not get the password.

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    • Sending it in a minute. Actually, I think I sent it to everyone who gave me personal addresses for reminders/contest info, thinking that was everyone (because everyone’s work email is on that distribution list). Argh. One of these days, I’ll get all of the lists straight!!! Anyway, apologies, and I’m emailing it to you now. Thanks!

  2. Hi Kate. Please send me the password. Thanks

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  3. Yeah, if you could add me to the email list, that would be great.


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