Friday Words for the Weekend

So, we survived the first weigh in! Huzzah! I’ll work on getting results up this weekend. Woo hoo! I like to at least acknowledge that I’ve received what you sent in, but today kind of got away from me! It’ll (hopefully) get easier in future weeks. It will also help that I now have several of you entered as contacts in my phone, so when you text, I’ll be able to see who it is easily. ūüôā

For today,.I just have one tip for you:

Make changes gradually. 

It’s great to be super excited at the beginning and to be ready to tackle all of the challenges involved with losing weight, BUT, keep in mind that you’re human. They (“they” being the mysterious experts who work in laboratories somewhere far, far away) say you should introduce new habits one at a time. That makes sense, right? If you suddenly decide to eat only 1000 calories per day and exercise for two hours each day, you might make it through a few days… and then you’re most likely going to falter.¬†

Baby steps, people.¬†Instead of overhauling your entire diet and lifestyle, make one manageable change at a time. Maybe you’re going to resolve to walk for 30 minutes three or four times a week. Or maybe you’d like to start out by actually counting calories on everything and keeping it in a journal (or online).¬†

Click the link for some tips from the Mayo Clinic on getting started with a fitness program.

Here’s¬†a great¬†WebMD¬†article about getting started in general.


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