To someone who feels like giving up…

Dear Friend,

You’re working so hard to reach a very difficult goal. You can’t just give something up and never use/eat/do it again. You have to conquer all of the reasons you’re here in the first place, and that is no easy task. Maybe you have a weakness for sweets or crave salty, crunch snacks. Maybe you despise exercise (um, guilty!) or lack the confidence to be the new/uncoordinated/out of shape/downright clumsy (um, again… me) person in a gym full of toned gym rats. Maybe you have medical issues that make it difficult for you to take on new activity or maybe those medical issues greatly limit your dietary options. Maybe you’re so overwhelmed with your life that you can barely get through the day, let alone add something else into the mix.

And maybe you’re thinking you just can’t do this. Maybe you feel resigned. Maybe you think this is as good as it’s going to get. Maybe you think you don’t deserve to reach your goal. Maybe you think you’re not good enough or that it won’t matter anyway.

Well, I disagree! You CAN do this. Setting a weight goal can be helpful, but remember that the most important thing is your health. How your body feels and what it can do for you, as well as numbers that actually show how your body is working (blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, etc.) means so much more than a number on a scale. It’s okay to sometimes feel down. It’s okay to wonder if you’re ever going to make it. For a little while. But then you have to get back on track, give yourself a pep talk, and be back on your way to reaching your goal.

I can’t really speak as someone who has reached her goal, because I haven’t. It is so hard! But, I keep trying. I plan meals, I try to make time for some exercise, and I try to remind myself daily that this isn’t just a diet. It’s not just trying to get to a goal weight. This is changing my lifestyle forever. This is how it’s going to be… FOREVER (dum dum DUM!!!!). I try to brush it off if I slip and indulge a little too much on the weekend. I try to remind myself that this is an overall thing and that the weekly weigh-ins are just a tool and not the only reflection of my efforts. Even though I’d love to look smokin’ in some outfit completely inappropriate for someone my age (Oh heck, I’ll probably wear that outfit at a party anyway and just embarrass myself…) and even though I’d be absolutely delighted to see a certain goal weight when I step on the scale, those aren’t the most important things. I want to be healthy. I want to know my insides are running as well as possible. I want to know that I’m giving my body the best shot possible to be here (and in good health!) when my little ones become big ones and have their own little ones.

Well, look at this… I started this as a response to a comment requesting a letter of encouragement for a friend. And then I started rambling. It happens. And I meant to craft it into something well-written and something very meaningful, but, well… Sometimes I get a bit impatient and now I’m ready to just click the “Post” button… So I’ll leave you with some links of encouragement!

Here’s some inspiration (click on the name for a link to the story and photos):

  • Dan went from 340 pounds to 182!
  • Jough went from 451 to 275 and is aiming to get to 200!
  • Jeffrey went from 425 to 175!
  • Stacy went from 245 to 145!
  • Ben went from 560 to 350 and is still going!
  • An inspiring weight loss video
  • Heather lost 157 pounds and is now trying to compete the Ironman competition!
  • Tammey went from 575 to 165!

To the unknown friend struggling out there, I hope you stick with it. I think you can do it. Be patient with yourself! And to anyone else, ditto! 🙂


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