Having trouble with portion control? Here’s help!

When you’re eating something super tasty, it’s so hard to know when to stop. Some of us grew up being told to “clean our plates.” You were praised for eating everything on your plate. It turns out this doesn’t work well for some of us.

Head on over to Cooking Light’s website, and they have a page called “Portion Nutrition 101.” They have articles there like “10 Top Secrets of Portion Control,” “Why Portion Control Matters,” “Snacking Strategies,” “Portion Size Wise,” and “Restaurant Snack Menus.”

I read “Why Portion Control Matters,” and it was fascinating! It’s about a Cornell University food psychologist who does attention-grabbing studies about how people handle food. For example, one study compared tomato soup consumption from regular soup bowls versus from soup bowls with a hidden tube that kept refilling the bowl.

The article also explains the two brain systems at war over our food decisions. One side, the limbic system, is more survivalist and focused on getting food whenever it’s available. The other side, the analytic system, weighs things through and considers if we actually need the food. More often than not, the limbic system wins.

Anyway, take a look over here and read up for some interesting information about why we are the way we are!


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