WEEK 1: 7/26/2012

The results are in! And the verdict is… You guys are awesome! I have heard so many people say they’re really working hard to improve their diets and increase their exercise levels, which is the point of this entire contest (way more than winning or prizes). I’m so excited when I hear about people trying new healthy foods and branching out a bit. I’ve even shared with some of you about trying to rid myself of excuses for not exercising… You CAN do it. No gym? No equipment? There are ways around it! Anyway, keep it up, everyone! And if you DIDN’T see the results you were looking for this week, PLEASE don’t be discouraged. This is a long process. Our bodies are tricky things, and sometimes the scale takes a while to catch up with our efforts. DO NOT GIVE UP!!!

*** I need to correct something on the original results, so… I’ll have this up and running tonight (Monday). ***


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