Chia Seeds Are Back… And Tastier Than Ever!

You know I love chia seeds, right? No? If you answered no, you should search some of the archived blog entries!

Anyway, Gina at Skinny Taste posted a delicious-looking Mango Coconut Chia Pudding recipe on her blog. I’m not a fan of mango, so I did use nectarines instead. I’m also not a fan of not using up what I buy at the grocery store, so I only bought almond milk and just used double instead of using both almond milk and coconut milk.

You should click HERE for the full recipe and Gina’s beautiful photos, but here are a few of mine…

Yummy nectarines all ready to go…

Everything ready to go in the bowl…Almond milk, nectarines, coconut, honey, and chia seeds.

Let it sit in the refrigerator for a few hours, and then you get this!

Except for the fruit chunks, it’s the consistency of tapioca. And the flavor? It’s like ice cream. I might be weird but that’s what I thought… I LOVED this.





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