Fruit!!! YUM!!! Berries have antioxidants!!!

Berries on on sale at Meijer for $1/carton! I was excited to a possibly strange level when I stopped by on Friday after work. I loaded my cart half full with just produce. Mmmm.

The problem with buying boat-(or cart)loads of berries is that they usually go bad VERY quickly. For me, raspberries are usually moldy within 24 hours. It’s insane. And tragic.

Through some internet searching, I’ve found several sites that say using a diluted vinegar wash keeps your berries fresh longer. I decided this was a great time to give it a go.

To do this, you mix 1 part vinegar to 10 parts water. Place the berries in the mixture (GENTLY!) and let them sit a few minutes. In case you’re like me and have silly ideas like, “Hey! I know! I’ll do FOUR containers of berries at once to save time!” let me just save you the tears and tell you that’s a horrible idea. Berries are delicate creatures. They crush each other while in large(ish) quantities. So, one carton at a time, please!

After soaking, I used a slotted spoon to pull the berries out, let them sit in a colander for a few minutes, and then transferred them to a paper towel sheet. I let them sit a little longer and then put some in the refrigerator and froze some on cookie sheets lined with parchment paper for a couple of hours before transferring them (again, I know… there was a lot of transferring going on in my kitchen this weekend) to a ziploc bag in the freezer.

A decent amount of work, but now I have…

Beautiful, glorious strawberries…








Lots of lovely blueberries…

Oodles of succulent raspberries…



They’re so pretty, aren’t they?


All thanks to this (and the sale at Meijer):



I happily made a fruity lunch for my kids (with a little cheese, teeny pepperoni bites, and a few crackers as well). They loved it and were super excited about it (colorful plates help, too). Just as a warning, though, I tried it again the following morning for breakfast…. Yogurt and a big selection of fruit. My four-year-old said, “MOMMY! I do NOT always want to eat just fruit!!!” It’s so hard not to laugh when he blows…



And, I put the bowls so they are super accessible in my refrigerator. That way, if I’m in the mood to snack on something and just want to grab something quick, the easiest choices are healthy choices. Does it work 100% of the time? No, but I like to think it saved me a few times over the weekend!

Good luck on our first week of the contest! More recipes to come… and probably another trip to Meijer for me…



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