The Juice Cleanse… AKA The Ridiculously Long Post!

When I heard Heather (HLB) was doing a juice cleanse, I was intrigued. When I heard how much it cost, I thought that sounded a bit excessive. But still intriguing. So… I decided to do my own version of it at the same time! I don’t have the super cool juicing abilities Natural Born Juicers does, so my drinks might have been a little lower on the nutrition side. Let me also just clarify that I eat pretty healthy a lot of the time, but I definitely eat fast food more than twice a year…. So here’s my (super long) story! Oh, and I copied HLB and added chia seeds to mine as well.

 Monday, Prep Day

Spent a couple of hours in the kitchen washing veggies, chopping veggies, and running them through the blender. Oh my gosh, that was a lot of work!

Tuesday, Day 1 

– I started the day feeling tired and my head hurt a little (sinus pressure), so admittedly, I wasn’t off to the best start!


Light Greens – 8:15 AM – Pretty “green” tasting. The parsley flavor is VERY strong. 
I can do this! I’m going to lose a bunch of weight! Yeah! This is the kick-off for a new me! Woo hoo!
  Green sludge is delicious! I’m going to eat it with a spoon!
9:00 AM – How much of a loser am I if I quit only a couple of hours into this?!?!
9:30 AM – Still tired, foggy, stomach feels pretty good 
I’m pretty tired, but I’m sure I’ll perk up soon. My stomach doesn’t feel overly full or empty. Cool.

10:00 AM – Green tea for caffeine! 
I need coffee. I need coffee. I need coffee. I saw HLB’s drink… It looks nothing like mine. Hm.
 Also, I think I’m going to die.

11:00 AM – Grapefruit, Lemon, Apple: Pretty good, head hurts, still no energy
12:00 PM – Ibuprofen for headache 
I can’t do this. I need some protein. I want to quit. 

12:20 PM – Starting to feel hungry.

1:30 PM – Ultimate Greens – The ginger has bite! 
Yuck. This is gross. I want food. But, think of how cool the blog post will be! Hey, this stuff looks like something you’d find at the bottom of an aquarium. That’s not really a good sign.

2:00 PM – Feeling a little better, head not as bad
2:45 PM – Really want something munchy. Headache coming back? 
I just want to sleep. HLB’s sticking with it. I can, too.

3:00 PM – Stomach growling

3:30 PM – Spicy Lemonade: Spicy at end! How do people doing the lemon/maple syrup diet stick with it? Yuck! Seriously, I might just quit. Maybe I’ll have a chicken breast for dinner. There is no way I can stick with this for three days! Am I okay to drive home?

6:00 PM – Sweet Beet at dinnertime. Yuck. Tastes like dirt. Super tired. I really just want a little of the ham and beans I made for my husband and kids. And cornbread. Just a little. (I didn’t, but I was so tempted!)

7:00 PM – Almond Milk – Yum! Had about half of one after making it…. Felt a little more energetic. I could get used to this. This is like a treat! 
9:30 PM – Almond Milk – Yum! Felt a little better after drinking. Maybe I just need more protein.

9:50 PM – Passed out in bed. This never happens. I am a night owl, but I was completely depleted by the end of the day.

Prep Work: I decided to try to improve the texture of my drinks by re-blending them. This took a lot of time, but really didn’t do anything. I did find that chopping them in the Cuisinart and then blending them helps, but it’s still pretty pulpy. But, it did add another couple of hours to the time I spent on this.

Wednesday, Day 2

Down 2.6 pounds
– Slept about 7 hours, which is highly unusual for me.
– Woke up feeling a little more alert mentally, very low energy physically
8:30 AM– I just don’t want to drink it! My arms feel so heavy!
9:30 AM – Light GreensYuck. I don’t want to do this. Completing one day is something, right? 
9:40 AM – Chat with HLB. I can do this!
10:00 AM – I found out HLB had coffee the day before. If she dropped 5 pounds in a day and still lost, then I can definitely have coffee! Oh, so delicious. I am hoping I feel a little better soon! 
10:50 AM – Oh, I need more coffee…. and I don’t want another juice drink.
11:03 AM I love coffee. Love, love, love it. I can’t live without it.
11:15 AM – Jittery, nervous feeling. Stopping at 1.5 cups. Ugh. Okay, so apparently this is affecting my caffeine tolerance!
11:57 AM – Stomach feels very, very full and I don’t want the citrus drink. My fingers are freezing!  (They just felt really cold and tingly.)
12:30 PM – Grapefruit Mint: I didn’t add the mint. I forgot. So mine is the same as yesterday’s. It tastes pretty good right now! I still feel a little shaky and my fingers are cold.
1:00 PM – I feel pretty normal right now, but I really don’t want to drink anything other than the Grapefruit one and the Almond Milk.
2:14 PMUltimate Greens: Not super excited about eating this. Chatted with a team member for motivation (Thanks, Jonathan!). Ugh. But I’m not really hungry and not super light-headed at the moment. 

4:00 PM – Had about 6 ounces of coconut water before driving home. It could be in my head, but I feel like it gave me more energy for the drive home.
5:00 PM – Had a small apple juice at McDonalds. The burgers/fries my family had didn’t look tempting. I’m not hungry. I just don’t feel my best.
6:30 PMSpicy Lemonade: Blech. Not really my favorite, but not awful.
7:00 PM – Straining all of my pulpy mixes so I just have liquids…. This is my third night of working on these drinks… and maybe $135 isn’t that much money….
8:00 PMSweet Beet: I still don’t like the flavor of beets, but it’s WAY better without the pulp! Looking forward to my almond milk…
Almond Milk : The highlight of my day. (Is that sad?)

I can do this! I am going to eat healthy all the time! I love this!!!

Thursday, Day 3

Down 2 more pounds
Light Greens: Tastes pretty good strained! Does this help clear your mind? I feel so refreshed! I can do this!

Spring Cleaner: This tastes pretty good! I’m hungry, but not in a bad way. Not ravenous. My stomach just feels light and clear.
Ultimate Greens: I am hitting my stride! This is great!  Maybe I could go a couple more days?
Spicy Lemonade:  Piece.of.cake.

Happy Heart: I am still not a fan of raw beets. I think I want to try roasted beets sometime.  I feel really good!
Almond Milk: Sent a celebratory text to HLB – We’re in the home stretch! Woo hoo!!! I’m looking forward to food tomorrow, but I’ve enjoyed this.

Friday, Day After!

Down 1 more pound – Total weight loss: 5.6 pounds
I feel great! This is wonderful!
Breakfast: Regular smoothie for breakfast (cherry yogurt, cherry/pineapple mix, peaches, spinach)
Lunch: A few chick fil a nuggets… It seemed like that was pushing it. I wasn’t hungry, but I felt like eating.
Dinner: Had a salad for dinner, and that agreed with my stomach.

 Would I do it again?

I think so, but I would make some changes. First off, I would strain all of my drinks right away, so that would save on the work I did Tuesday and Wednesday night. Second, I would start this on a weekend. Saturday morning, so by the time I had to work, I’d feel closer to normal. I’m sure this isn’t for everyone. I lost 5.6 pounds overall… I think one pound came back the next day after eating. I think in addition to the physical re-set, it also re-sets your mind a bit, too. After the first day (pretty awful, ugh!), I really felt my resolve strengthened to eat as healthy as possible. I don’t know about how it would affect people with various health conditions… So if you’re thinking about giving this a shot, you should probably get a medical “green light” first…


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