HLB – Juice Cleanse – The “Real” Way

First let me start by saying I have wanted to do a juice cleanse for quite some time. I knew how much prep and time it would take, so when Natural Born Juicers added a juice cleanse to their menu I knew I wanted to do it. One question I encountered was why can’t you just buy juice at the store? Isn’t it the same? Not even close. Pure fresh raw fruit and veggie juice is a great way to get a blast of nutrients and vitamins directly into your bloodstream. Juice from the store is full of sugar and has been pasteurized or heated to kill all the bacteria and enzymes to make it more shelf stable. You need those enzymes to digest and help your body absorb all the goodies in that juice. So here we go. Here is how it all went down. (Please ignore the other “bottles” in the background 🙂

Day 1 – 9am: I pick up my juice from Natural Born Juicers downtown in City Market. I am super excited and can’t wait to get started. I am kinda hungry so I decide to eat a banana. I break open the first juice Light Greens on the way to work. Delish. I add some chia seeds for some added nutrition and to help me further detox.

11:00am – Juice 2 is Grapefruit, Apple, Lemon. This one is really good. I still feel pretty good. A little hungry but not too bad. It’s hard to focus at work, but I don’t know if that’s work or the juice.

1:oopm – Juice 3 Ultimate Greens – I happen to love this juice and if you can get it down then you can do a juice cleanse. I start to miss food a bit at this point which isn’t a good sign this early in the game. It might be an indication of how addicted to food I really am.

4:00pm – Juice 4 – Spicy Lemonade. Wow this bad boy is really spicy thanks to a kick of cayenne pepper. It is lemon, alkaline water, agave and cayenne. I decide to rent a movie to take my mind of off not eating. I watch Thor and fixate on any scene that has food. I also cry a little at the end. Are you kidding me? Can we say emotional detox time? I bet Natalie Portman has done a juice cleanse.

6:30 – Juice 5 Sweet Beet. I happen to also love beets and this one is a nice change. I also add chia seeds to this one and make it kind of a jello treat. Almost done with day 1. I can do this.

9:30 – Juice 6 Almond Milk. If you had never had raw almond milk I highly recommend. I do make a fatal error on this one. I try to be slick and add some raw cocoa powder. Well It doesn’t exactly dissolve and I have to strain the milk. It ended up being pretty good with that little hint of chocolate. Off to bed I go and just a bit hungry.

Overall I felt a little loopy and disoriented during the day. I didn’t think I was going to detox that badly, but I guess I was wrong. I was pretty tired all day too. Not eating takes it out of you.

Over the next day I felt really tired and kind of out of it. It was the same juice as the day before. The only different one was instead of grapefruit, apple and lemon it was grapefruit and mint. A strange thing happened though in the afternoon. Around 5pm I got a huge burst of energy. I felt great. I did a little workout and couldn’t sit still. This did hinder my sleep for the night because I couldn’t keep my mind still.

Day 3 – I wake up feeling really good. I think to myself I could do this even longer if I wanted to. Over the past three days I lost 7.5 pounds. I have already gained about two of those back from eating. I will take a five pound loss in a week anytime. The third day of juice and I can totally concentrate at work (well as good as I normally can) and don’t feed tired or sluggish at all. I get two different juices that day Healthy Heart and a Beet, Carrot, Apple Ginger one. That one was actually my least favorite out of all of them. I am pretty sure I don’t like carrot juice.

Overall it was a really good experience. I would definitely do it again. I might even do it for longer next time. One thing I would do differently is start on a weekend so I could detox at home at not in the comforts of my CG   chair. Ugh. I would definitely add chia seeds again. They are a nice break for just juice. I would totally buy my juice again from Natural Born Juicers. Great Quality and customer service. I highly recommend visiting them in the City Market.

Some of the common questions I got “Is it really healthy just to drink juice all day long?” Answer is Yes! It gives your digestive system a break and you get all the calories and nutrients from the wide variety of juice. Another was “Are you hungry?” Answer is Yes! The first few days are pretty bad. I am not going to kid you. Especially if you eat processed and fast food often. Your detox will be bad. Really, really, really bad. Kate and I eat fairly healthy and I probably eat fast food twice a year. So, we had the great fortune of just detoxing on the easy side of the scale. Lastly, I got “What should you eat right after your cleanse?” This is a great question. You do NOT want to go out and eat a big steak and drink a goblet of wine. You will feel icky and you will just undo all the great work you did giving your system a break. I started my next day with a smoothie of banana and raw chocolate and some of my leftover almond milk. Eat lots of fruit and cooked veggies. Easy things for your body to digest. If anyone has any questions ask away! I am going to provide some great links for juicing and juice cleanses.


http://www.fatsickandnearlydead.com (A great movie about a guy who juiced for two months!)

http://www.jointhereboot.com ( A great guide to juicing with lots of recipes and options for juice cleansing)


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