Super Easy Fish ‘N Farro Dinner!

Some nights (okay, a lot of nights) I am just not in the mood to cook. I want something fast and easy. I don’t want to read a recipe. I don’t want to hover over the stove nursing some delicate creation… I just want it done.

If you feel like this, maybe you should grab a bag of farro. It’s good for you, it’s easier than rice, and it’s something a little different so it sounds cooler (that applies for almost anything in life– your welcome for the life lesson!). I added some water and chicken bouillon to mine. Some day I’ll break the bouillon habit –so much salt!– but for now, it makes my food tasty.

I grabbed a box of frozen fish… Already seasoned, already trimmed/prepped/whatever. Not too bad fat and calorie-wise, and you just open the box and stick it on a baking tray!

Good old Gorton’s. It was on sale at Meijer, which made it even better!

I added a bag of already washed and cut broccoli to the farro.

Once the everything was done, I added a little salt and pepper to the farro/broccoli mixture and it was ALL DONE! Woo hoo!!!

See? I told you it was easy!


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