Ham & Blackeyed Peas with Purple Kale

So I’m sadly behind on recipe blogging… It’s been a while since I made this. I didn’t write anything down so… we’re just going to guesstimate here.

I shredded a bunch of carrot. I probably added 1 packed cup.

I used an entire bag of blackeyed peas.

I had my little helper pick bad peas and debris out… He found two little rocks, so this is definitely not a step to skip!

Sorted and rinsed.

I stuck two chicken bouillon cubes, some season salt, garlic powder, and black pepper in the bottom of my crockpot.

Add beans, carrot, and some diced onion (about 1/2 cup).

And some diced ham. For the ham lovers in the family. It would have been tasty without the ham, though… but I have better luck getting my husband and kids to eat things with ham in it.

I added water until it was a little above the top of the ingredients.

And added some steamed purple kale. I love kale. I thought, “What’s better than kale? Pretty PURPLE kale!” Wrong. I didn’t like the taste of it at all. It was just very bitter.

But it left behind some cool-looking water! 🙂



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