Carrot/Lentil/Spinach Bowls for Lunch

It has been rough, diet-wise, lately. Cakes, nachos, etc. at work? Yeah, that’s hard to resist! So… I’m trying to at least have a healthy breakfast and lunch each day!

My lunch for the week? Carrot/Lentil/Spinach Bowls!

Start with some grated carrot:

Then add some lentils… I went for the whole bag.

Put them in a big sauce pan together.

Mix it up with some diced onion, a bouillon cube, water, salt, and pepper.

Let it simmer for 30 minutes or so. Then throw in some spinach!

Let the spinach wilt a bit, and then season it to your own taste. I am on a major sesame kick, so I added a couple dashes of sesame oil, and mmm…. it was delicious!

I put it into 5 bowls and voila! Lunches for the week!


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