Smoothie Day 5: Orange-Banana-Peach-Spinach-Coconut Water

This smoothie was a result of not really having any new smoothie ingredients on hand. I’d been wanting to make a BLUE smoothie (loads of blueberries and blackberries), but couldn’t seem to get around to going to the store again.

I had several of those Cuties oranges in my refrigerator, so here’s what I did.

I started with some Greek yogurt (some day I’ll switch it up, but for now, this is heaven to me). I added three peeled Cuties.

I added some banana and… instead of milk, I added coconut water. Have you had it before? This is different from coconut milk. It’s not sweet, like I expected, but it’s so refreshing! SHSH told me about it, and I am hooked!!! Unfortunately, it’s somewhat hard to find. Meijer carries one brand, but it’s almost always out of stock. CVS carries this one… for a whopping $3!!!

So pretty all blended and orange. I just like colorful drinks.

I took a spoonful and it wasn’t as flavorful as I wanted, so I added about a cup of frozen peaches. Perfecto. And it wouldn’t be a smoothie without spinach, would it?

And because I’m on a chia seed kick:

All mixed up and ready for tomorrow’s breakfast!

This was a very different flavor from my berry-flavored smoothies. I’m not sure I liked it quite as much, but it was still tasty. I know I posted it was ready for breakfast, but I just couldn’t wait, so I had a different container of it for dinner. 🙂

I told you I’m on a smoothie kick…


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