Have you ever had wheat berries?

Have you ever had wheat berries? I hadn’t until tonight. I found them near the rice and couscous section in my grocery store (Meijer). It’s also known as hard red winter wheat. One serving has 23% of your recommended daily fiber intake! This grain is very versatile. It can be used as a breakfast food with sweet things or it can be used in savory foods like soup or stir fry. The best part is that you can make a big batch at the beginning of the week and then take scoops as needed for whatever you’re making. It’s also more forgiving than rice… If you overcook it slightly, it’s not going to turn into a soggy mess like rice will. Maybe that’s the best part. Hard to say.

Taste-wise, it’s a little similar to brown rice in that it has a bit of a nutty flavor and a little bit of crunch to it, but I think it’s a lot more interesting than brown rice.

So, my planned breakfast for the week features wheat berries.

I made 4 servings, which I think turns out to be about 1 cup each (it’s 1 cup dry).

You simmer it for about 15 minutes. While it was cooking, I had my little one help me wash some fruit.

We used blueberries and strawberries.

After the wheat berries cooled off, I divided it into 4 bowls. I added half a container of 2% Fage Greek yogurt (protein!) to each.

I then added about 1/2 cup of fruit to each and 1/8 cup of chopped pecans (heart-healthy fat, woo hoo!).

Needless to say, I am VERY excited about breakfast this week!!!

Nutrition Info

  • 355 calories
  • 12.5 g fat
  • 8.5 g fiber
  • 18 g protein

I know it’s a little high in calories, but a lot of research indicates that a solid breakfast actually helps with weight loss. This one is packed with all sorts of goodies and the fiber and protein should help keep you full!


2 responses to “Have you ever had wheat berries?

  1. This looks wonderful! Do you happen to know the carb content. I am a borderline diabetic and I have to make sure I balance carbs and protien with each meal.

    This looks l ike it would be a great start to the day!

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