Stir Fry Causes Marital Problems….

So, I had this brilliant idea to make a reduced-calorie stir fry using Rocco DiSpirito’s Rockin’ Asian Stir Fry Sauce. I figured this would cut out some of the salt from excessive amounts of soy sauce, a bit of the sugar from regular stir fry sauce… I did not expect it to cause my poor hubby to shoot me dirty looks all night. He HATES vinegar and the smell of it often makes him sick to his stomach. However, I’ve found that some recipes are just fine for him. This recipe called for 3 tablespoons. I thought it would probably be okay. It actually made my entire house REEK of vinegar. He was pretty crabby that evening. I guess spending most of the night trying not to upchuck will do that. Oops. So, if you happen to have a vinegar-sensitive person in your house, you should probably skip this one.

So, I started with some diced onions and garlic…

I then added some sliced carrot.

Once the carrot softened, I added broccoli and sliced red pepper.

In a separate pan, I started browning some meat with a little bit of garlic salt and pepper.

By the way, this pan is WAY too crowded.

Then I used Rocco’s recipe for stir fry sauce:

Once it thickened a little, I dumped it on the broccoli mix, added the meat, and dished it up:

It was very tangy. I wasn’t crazy about it the first night, and it definitely wasn’t worth a fight, so I will not be making this again… However, I had some (unheated so it wouldn’t smell up the house again) leftovers the second night, and it tasted much better to me!

Oh, and after I washed all of the dishes from the stir fry, I made some banana bread to try to get rid of the rest of the smell. I don’t think it did it completely, but it helped!


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