Supposedly Fool-Proof Muscle Building

So Men’s Health probably expects only men to read it, so their tips are geared toward the menfolk. However, I’m a weirdo and I read it occasionally. It all started with the Eat This, Not That! guy, who happens to be Men’s Health editor-in-chief. His emails/books are sometimes full of interesting information and tips. They also contain links to Men’s Health online. Every once in a while, it draws me in with a headline that makes me think, “What?!?!

So, back to the headline. Exercise. Men’s Health says YOU can achieve the muscle you’ve always wanted. Now, I know it’s directed at men, but for you ladies, keep in mind that muscle helps burn fat. Muscle makes you look toned. Muscle is good.

The first couple of exercise looks a little intimidating (okay, a lot), but the others seem more reasonable, so don’t turn away on the first slide!


1 TRX inverted row

Keep going and see exercises that don’t require weird strap thingies or crazy amounts of upper body strength. You can see the full slide show by clicking HERE (I recommend it).


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