Time to Start Moving!

I love finding reduced-calorie/healthy recipes to share… But it’s not all about the food, is it? Actually, I think for me, exercise makes a much bigger difference in my overall health than what I eat.

So, it’s time to start moving. I came across an article on iVillage that claims to have exercises suited to different body types. Sorry, fellas, this one only refers to female body types. I promise to have some guy-friendly articles posted soon. Men’s Health likes to flood my inbox with tips on everything imaginable. I now know the secrets of the male mind! (I’m sure it’s about as accurate in representing all males as Cosmopolitan is, right?)

You should click HERE to see the full article and to look up exercises that *might* suit your body. As always, you should get the “all clear” from your doctor first.

Even if you’re not interested in body type-specific exercises, you should visit iVillage just to see the orange fitness model! And does anyone actually workout with their (long) hair down? It seems like it would be incredibly annoying. Reason #1,759 public gyms don’t work for me: If I’m getting hot and sweaty, I need to have my hair in a neon scrunchie from the 1980s and my bangs pulled back with a dorky barrette.

The Best Workout For Your Body Type


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