*Tips* Tasty Ways to Eat Flaxseeds

Shape Magazine has a list of tasty ways to eat flaxseed… Click HERE for the full post!

Dr. Alicia Stanton, an integrative medicine physician and author of Hormone Harmony andThe Complete Idiot’s Guide to Hormone Weight Loss, says the oil in flaxseeds is the richest plant source of healthy omega-3 fats, which are necessary for the function of every cell. These healthy fats help reduce inflammation, balance hormones, protect against mood swings and depression, and prevent heart disease, diabetes, and inflammatory diseases like arthritis. The superfood is also high in fiber and can help relieve constipation.Stanton suggests eating 1 to 2 tablespoons of flaxseeds or flaxseed oil daily to reap maximum health benefits. Try adding toasted flaxseeds to salads, soups, and sandwiches for a pleasant crunch. Stanton adds that while flaxseed oil has the highest concentration of the plant’s omega-3 fats, it has a low smoke point so it’s not recommended for cooking but is good for smoothies, salad dressings, and other foods.


You’ll have to go to the article for all of the suggestions…. But I can give you a few ways NOT to use ground flaxseed…

– Sprinkled over salad. Yuck. It’s grainy and gross. You should definitely mix it into your salad dressing first.

– Mixed into scrambled eggs. Maybe it was obvious to everyone else, but I didn’t realize it’s disgusting!

– Mixed into yogurt. Yuck. Texture.

I have added it to oatmeal with chopped nuts, cinnamon, and fruit. It is delicious!


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