*Dessert Recipe* Raw, Vegan Strawberry Ice Cream

So, the ingredients on this might be a tad bit out there, but it definitely looks worth the effort! Click HERE for the full post!

I  used an ice cream maker but if you don’t have one you can simply freeze the mixture and stir it every few hours to soften it and mix it as it freezes.

I based this recipe for Strawberry Ice Cream on a recipe that Heather Pace came up with from her book, “The Ultimate Raw Ice Cream Cake.”

Yields many servings and many happy bellies.:P


2 c. chopped strawberries

1 1/2 c. coconut water

2 c. soft coconut meat

1/2 avocado

small handful cashews (optional)

drizzle agave (add more or less to taste)
1/4 c. Artisana raw coconut butter (trust me on this, it’s much better tasting than coconut oils)

1/2 t. vanilla extract


Blend all ingredients together (leave a handful or more of chopped strawberries out) and pour mixture into ice cream maker. Follow directions for ice cream maker and add chopped strawberry chunks about 5 min. before the ice cream is “done”.

If it’s too soft, pour into container and freeze. Actually, this turned out much too runny in the ice cream maker so I suggest buying frozen strawberries of freezing them ahead of time. The mixture came out a kind of shake consistency so I think if it starts out as a shake consistency using frozen strawberries, it will harden considerably more in the actual ice cream maker.

Serve once desired consistency is reached and eat immediately. Also good with toppings, like crumbly granola, fresh strawberries, cookies, you name it!


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