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Advice for Diet Motivation

Advice for Diet Motivation

Advice for Diet Motivation


Many people decide to lose weight but never quite reach their goals, or go back and forth gaining and losing. One common obstacle to weight loss is motivation. While short-term motivation is usually easy, long-term motivation to reach your weight loss goals can be more difficult. With the right goals and thought processes, it will be easier for you to reach your goal.

Positive Thinking

People who think about their bodies, their goals or themselves in a negative way have more difficulty sticking to a weight loss plan than those who think positively, Dr. Timothy McCall says in his book “Yoga as Medicine: The Yogic Prescription for Health and Healing.” If you feel like you can never reach your goals, like you are a failure, or have other negative thoughts, you are likely to give up. Conversely, if you forgive yourself for small failures and feel good about your goals and your ability to achieve them, it will be easier to reach your goals.


Instead of making lofty, hard-to-reach goals, come up with realistic, attainable goals that work up to a larger goal. Jessica Matthews, for the American Council on Exercise, suggests coming up with weekly, monthly and long-term goals that you recurrently assess and change if they are not working. Also, make targeted goals. Instead of a vague goal like weight loss, think about how you will do it and what specific areas you want to work on. With specific, attainable goals, it is easier to succeed than it is to fail. You succeed in many small ways along the path to your ultimate weight, fitness level or other goal. This creates more positive feelings than if you couldn’t reach a goal that was too large or unattainable. Real weight loss takes time and you won’t be an instant success.


When rewarding yourself, Matthews writes that intrinsic motivation works better than extrinsic motivation for long-term success. Intrinsic motivation includes internal feelings of accomplishment for yourself and feeling good about yourself, whereas extrinsic motivation is more external to yourself, such as recognition from others for your hard work. To achieve intrinsic motivation, associate positive feelings with healthy eating and exercising, remind yourself of why you want to achieve your goal and remember that weight loss does not happen in an instant.

Buddy System

Some people can motivate themselves to lose and maintain weight, while others need some assistance and guidance from others. If you feel like you need someone to hold you accountable, find a friend who wants to lose weight with you. Don’t compare yourselves to each other, but focus on your own goals and needs. Use your buddy to keep you on track, help you exercise when you don’t feel like it and to vent to — and help her to do the same.

Read more: http://www.livestrong.com/article/354749-advice-for-diet-motivation/#ixzz1YSM4IpkH


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