*Health News* Want to Lose Weight? Indulge Yourself.

From calorielab.com…

Want to Lose Weight? Indulge Yourself.

(CC) Pen Waggener/Flickr

Yale researchers recently found that dieters who convinced themselves that the food they ate was unhealthy ate less than their peers who thought their food was healthy. Mind games, it seems, are central to eating less.

The researchers’ findings were published in Health Psychology. Alia Crum and her colleagues gave 46 volunteers a milkshake that had 380 calories, telling some of the participants that the milkshake was healthy and some of the participants that it was a high-calorie indulgence. They then measured the participants’ levels of the hormone ghrelin, which the stomach releases when we’re hungry.

Ghrelin levels dropped at a more severe rate in the dieters who thought they were consuming a high-calorie milkshake than those who thought they were eating a sensible milkshake, indicating that our perception of indulging may influence feelings of hunger and perhaps even help dieters stop overeating.

Will you try this diet trick?

(By Marissa Brassfield for CalorieLab)


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